Reflective Cover Letters For The Multimodal Project

Reflective Cover Letters
Reflective Cover Letters

Reflective cover letters are required for the Multimodal Project. You may, however, choose to present your reflections in a different way than the standard cover letter. The content should be at the same level of quality as a traditional letter. If you choose to present your reflections in cover letter format, the format remains the same.

Reflective cover letters should be one to two single-spaced pages with proper letter format and included with each unit assignment. When writing, you should consider the initial drafting process of your essay, as well as the revisions that you made based on your peersí comments. For example, you may want to describe challenges and problems faced in the initial drafting process and how you approached them, or how you worked to develop your thesis, or you may want to focus more on your revision and how helpful your peersí comments were.

The ultimate purpose of the reflective cover letter is to provide both instructor and student with insight into the writing process. As the writer, you need to consciously acknowledge the choices you have made and the effects those choices have on your audience. This also helps the reader understanding your intentions, even if they are not yet apparent in the writing. As long as you are demonstrating thoughtful reflection, you will meet the requirements of the reflective cover letter. Below are a few questions to consider as guidance for reflective cover letters this semester.

What do you want readers to understand (or come to understand differently) as a result of reading your paper or viewing your project?

How did your consideration of audience play a role in the drafting process?

Of all the things that this assignment required you to do, what do you think you spent the most time and energy addressing?

What changes do you still need to make? How did you use your peer review feedback? What do you still need to do to be satisfied with this project?

What deliberate choices did you make about the organization?

In what ways do you think these decisions were effective?

How did you try to complicate the issue or move beyond basic understanding of the topic and create a more meaningful document?

Compare your experience with your prior knowledge. Introduce any new ideas that you encountered or concepts you learned as you drafted this assignment. How did you incorporate visual literacy into your multimodal project?

What rhetorical decisions did you make in terms of multimodal choices? How did audience and purpose affect your decisions?

Reflective Cover Letters For The Multimodal Project

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