Difficulties of Health Care Access and Justice

Sample of a Critical Appraisal of Research Journal Article Related To Nursing
Sample of a Critical Appraisal of Research Journal Article Related To Nursing

Difficulties of Health Care Access and Justice

For your exam you are to use the topic from discussion 8 we have covered since our last exam, the macro and micro allocation of health care resources, and write an essay for a general reader. I am including discussion 8ís prompts here but you may take the discussion in other directions. However you structure your discussion, make sure to keep in mind that your audience is a general public and needs key concepts introduced and clarified.

Also, while defense of your own judgements in these matters is certainly welcome, make sure to avoid simply making claims about what you hold personally. Be sure your reader understands how you argue in support of your views.

Two things to focus on concern the explanation of the core principles to a general reader and defending your (often defensible) recommendations. Try to give your reader a sense that there are reasons behind our duties to beneficence and respecting autonomy, and that these principles show your claims to have merit.

Make sure your reader can follow how our course principles tie some of the seemingly disparate views together. Discussion 8: In considering questions of resource allocation, both macro and micro, everybody would likely agree that the money should go where it will produce the most good. The messiness starts, of course, when we try to flesh out the account of what the good comes to in such scenarios.

One view of the ultimate good produced by medicine is increased life expectancy but this view isn?t without difficulties. As a result, some have attempted to add to the equation the quality of life lived. Putting these two properties together some have argued for the creation of a QALY calculus that could help sort out how to get the most bang for our public medical dollar. This calculus has been used to generate some interesting recommendations, including both allocations that are counter intuitive and some that fly directly in the face of what may be called issues of justice.

As John Harris suggests in ?Qualifying the Value of Life? (in Readings at end of chapter), the failure of the qaly calculus to recognize people as the fundamental unit of health care deliverance can lead to racist, sexists, and ageist policies of resource allocation.

Write an essay for a general reader that speaks to some of the difficulties of Health Care access and Justice. In particular, make sure to address

health care rationing pros and cons,

academic essay writing examples,

1) the claims that life expectancy should be the measure (and what this may mean for resource allocation);

2) what the problems are for the life expectancy view;

3) what a QALY calculus is and what some claim this would mean for resource allocation;

4) the problems facing the very construction of a calculus and possible responses to these worries; and,

5) how the QALY calculus relates to broader principles of ethics and, in particular, how it both embodies the central thrust of Utilitarianism and seems at odds with the Deontological pull of justice.

However you fill in the structure of your essay, make sure to lay out the parameters of the debate such that:

Difficulties of Health Care Access and Justice

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