The Magic That Sleep Brings to Our Brains

The Magic That Sleep Brings to Our Brains
The Magic That Sleep Brings to Our Brains

However, far I try to reach though my thoughts of what was my pattern as a young boy, all I can muster is sleeping early, and waking up early and of course playing games in plenty. In my thoughts, I can tell that I would sleep much faster and sweeter; I never extended my waking up hours.

Although I have to admit that majority of that time, I was wetting my bed so waking up early in the morning was inevitable, asking my friends the same confirms that I was not alone in this.

Surprisingly, as I grew up I began to sleep more and getting into a fight with my mother more often. I also witnessed the same pattern with my siblings who took the waking up late habit a notch higher as they grew older. This made me wonder what sleep is all about.

If you think about it, The Circadian Reflex That I Talked about in the Yester Weeks Article Was Quite at Play When You Were Young and it turns out the things we resist as we age come in plenty. I have taken time to look at just what sleep does to us and why we really need it that much.

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Rather than highlight the essence of sleep in bullet points I will try to look at sleep benefits from the brain functionality giving case examples that I have witnessed in my research.

Our Daily Demands and Shove Exert Stress to Our Brains Pushing us to Sleep

Our every day jobs may demand that we work countless hours often sacrificing our sleep to make ends meet. So occasionally, pulling an all nighter or sleeping in the wee hours of our night may become a norm that affects our ability to have a normal sleeping pattern. Even then, the demands from family may make us reduce our sleeping to the bare minimum as we attended to the family needs. Take an example of a couple of a family that has a newborn.

Surprising our bodies tend to sympathize with these needs, majority of the time, but in other instances when we push the brain too far, it may opt to knock us off to arm us up with the necessary skills and tools to do our day today. Surprisingly, the brain itself does not go offline; it simply makes us go numb to have time to attend to a tune up to those parts of the brain that we may have been using within the day.

Now while you may think that sleep is your average daily habit, you should try pulling about three all-nighters just as David Hempleman Adams did in the documentary the human Brain Body Pushing the Limits of the Brain Power. David was attempting to break a record of Solo Balloon trek in the North Poles.

In the footage recorded to show his escapade, David confesses that in the first day all was well until in the close to the second day when he started making silly mistakes.

By the third day, he was so tired that the Brain would actually make him Imagine things normally he wouldn't. Funny things like being amused by a cartoon duck considering he is an old man. Davidís story reminds us the importance of sleep especially when our brain demands a remodeling of our brain structure to allow us to better be alert and to address any issues that arise in our day today activities.

Nevertheless, Davidís story is not just the only story that best highlights how sleeping is of importance. I can borrow an idea of something close to home which has often been called the Eureka moment. Majority of us when we are in our day today activities, we may encounter those events that make us feel that we are unable to carry out a certain task.

I will try to put this nicely. Ever had a task that was so difficult and required your creativity, but as much as you try to figure out you could not. Then the following day, you wake up and you have a solution?

Although it is still a mystery that scientists are trying to figure out how this works as Kristine explains in his review, another review by National Institute of Neurological Disorder complements Kristine's study proposing that while we sleep our brain continues to operate working out solutions that it feels will allow us to better cope with the needs of our environment.

In fact, the idea of Originality which I covered as a summary here from the book Being Original, by Adam Grant reviews how at times procrastination could be the ingredient to creativity.

What Adam explains is that the resting, which we may take usually at night, arms our brain with the tranquility to address the needs of our hobbies and needs. In my view, what Adams and the other productivity specialist such as Robin Sharma the author of the Monk who Sold His Ferrari hope to address is allowing the brain time to process that which our bodies are best good at and that is creativity in your own right.

Creativity comes from the fact that while you sleep, The logic part of your brain shuts allowing ideas to collide giving you solutions or finding a pattern in chaos.

Remember, part of what these productivity specialist always advise us to do is to develop goals so we can achieve them, but doing so in itself is the first trick, the major trick happens in our dreams when we sleep. But even better, the brain does you the added advantage of determining how you can achieve your dream using those ideas that you like. This explains a lot why billionaires tell you never be in a rush to make some decisions.

In fact in the movie Billions, Bobby Axelrod usually says Go sleep on it, if tomorrow you think the same way we will go through with it. What they usually seek to tell you is when you sleep, the brain can shut off those parts of its head which it considers non-essential and which limit our capacity to make the right decision. For example, the Logic Centre of our brain which tend to limit our capacity to make the optimum decision because its the judgey part in us

In fact, so much interest has been subjected to this field to the extent that scientists have found that brains tend to simulate our world in 7D. What that simulation makes you do is to practice for the main event or life based events. Dreams are the only rehearsals that we can use to ensure the world around us goes the we'd hoped. Adam Grant confesses that our brain mirrors our world making it so real which is why a nightmare wakes us up with ease because the logic center of the brain is shut off.

For the simulation to be effective, the brain borrows its most recently stored data determines what to prioritize to store or save as memories. This is why the brain can discard some information it considers irrelevant based on the experiences that you have been subjected to overtime.

So important are these simulation to the extent that they help us learn that which we recently did. For example, if you begin to drive or do any activity such as playing football, the brains stores the movements that you make as short terms storage determining the best move you make as the best, this storage is then amplified when you sleep making you have better skill and ability to do that activity better.

There is a lot more than can be said on the power of sleeping and the health benefits that it presents to us, among some of issues that you can address when you sleep are handling stress, Help Prevent Cancer,  Reduce Inflammation and Stress, Improve Your Memory or  Lose Weight. All of these are benefits that are well known, but the understanding of how this works in the human brain is what makes one curious to know whether at all sleep is an ordinary bodily activity or not. Clearly, sleep goes a lot further.

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The Magic That Sleep Brings to Our Brains

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