Literature to Build a New Generation of Canadians

Literature to Build a New Generation of Canadians
Literature to Build a New Generation of Canadians

Des?r?ption: Canadian literature can be frustrating to someone who tries to fit it into a neat little box. Like our nation, Canadian literature is best described by its disparity of voices, themes and cultural influences.

Continuing in this tradition, a new generation of stories is emerging in Canada and offers modern ideas and perspectives to engage young readers such as you. Which of these stories speaks most to you?

Write a literary essay that is based on the interpretations and analysis of your chosen Canadian novel, Kim Thuy?s Ru. In order to carry out this summative assessment, you are required to do the following: Read the assigned novel, and consider the following theme:

“Literature to build a new generation of Canadians”. Use a variety of reading strategies before, during and after your reading to help you understand and summarize the main ideas and supporting details in your novel. Make inferences as to their meaning. Identify, describe and analyze the elements of the story (e.g., characters, conflict, plot, setting, theme) as well as stylistic elements (e.g., dialogue, pathetic fallacy, motifs, characterization, figures of speech, narration, point of view).

Develop your understanding of how these elements relate to one another. As you begin outlining your essay, your notes on specific passages and quotations will prove extremely helpful. Read and deconstruct examples of literary essays to understand their patterns and features (e.g., incorporation of sources, location of parenthetical references, order of ideas, use of transitions, language level).

Use a variety of per-writing strategies to generate ideas and plan the focus, content and organization of your literary essay (e.g., Venn diagrams, outline of thesis and main arguments). At the beginning of the evaluation, discuss with your teacher any ideas or concerns you might have. For example, you may share your thesis and main arguments with your teacher and request feedback.

Apply strategies to select, assess, organize and document quotations from primary and secondary sources while at the same time respecting methodology (e.g., MLA in-text citations/parenthetical references and Works Cited Page) and avoiding plagiarism. Write a literary essay containing at least 1,000 words and based on your own interpretation of the novel.

You will apply your knowledge of basic essay structure (e.g., introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion) and include appropriate arguments supported by properly cited quotations from both primary and secondary sources. Use persuasive, appropriate language so as to effectively communicate.

Use precise vocabulary and terminology related to both the novel and the literary essay.

Revise the content, clarity, coherence and interest of your work, keeping in mind the purpose of persuading and informing your readers. Edit your text by refining your expression and correcting errors so as to present a professional, effective final draft.

Publish your text in an appropriate venue with the purpose of sharing it with readers and receiving feedback.

Literature to Build a New Generation of Canadians

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