Article Review on Ethics in Insurance

Article Review on Ethics in Insurance
Article Review on Ethics in Insurance

Article Review on Ethics in Insurance

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Sample Article Review on Insurance

In an article ethics in insurance, Phyllis makes a note of several aspects that companies in the insurance industry should consider before addressing the insurance needs of customers. The article begins by making a note of a famous quote on how it is essential to earn the trust of the customers rather than just having them love you. The quote threads to the essence of the moral in the society today. She notes that the moral ethics in the society today is highly declining. And people are not as humane to look into the welfare of their fellow men in the same light. As the outline proceeds she takes the view of a third party in giving thoughts on the decline in general, before giving special focus to the decline in the insurance field. She notes that, in as far as there is a high level of moral collapse, the role of insurers should be to uphold the ethics.

The role of ethics in insurance appears as a necessity. She postulates that the society has a very high expectation of insurance in support of both individuals and businesses from risk incidences and disasters. As such before insurance agents develop any products they should be aware of the responsibility, and append some ethics which will reflect the virtues of humanity. She also gives an in depth summary of how customers view insurers and why they would intend to have insurance covers. Were it not for a matter of trust and the belief that the insurance companies would stand up to them in time of their need; customers would not give this responsibility to them.

Her view of insurance being a financial product sums up a variety of aspects. The most notable being the need for the companies to understand the real intention why they are in the field, and understand why customers and companies would be keen to ask for the support from the insurers. She laments that other individuals have given superb thought on the need of a company to avoid the five major weaknesses that might affect their reputation. She notes with these five weaknesses, revolve around moral ethics. Were it not for these weaknesses, probably the insurance industry would gain a higher level of attention from the general public. It takes quite a bold heart to admit that as human beings we should have the welfare of our friends in our hearts.

Phyllis view of ethics in the insurance industry is quite educative as it cuts through several prongs. She gives a general overview of the world, her personal contribution and complements all this with insight from other authors in the field. She also makes a note of how most companies fail to stand up to the needs of their customers, yet they always are on their knees when requesting them to purchase their products. She takes a neutral position plainly giving her advice on how she feels the insurance companies should behave. On one instance she Quotes Huebner an educator at the American college of insurance who claims that success largely depends on the value of possessing both knowledge and ethics. Huebner admits that most insurance companies have a poor moral ethics. This pushes them to them to be only concerned about the material gain rather than the overall good they bring to the society.

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Article Review on Ethics in Insurance

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