Circadian Rhythm The Clock That Drives You but You Always Messing With

Circadian Rhythm The Clock That Drives You but You Always Messing With
Circadian Rhythm The Clock That Drives You but You Always Messing With

Circadian Rhythm the Productivity Clock We All, But Have Been Messing with Using TVís and Phones

As a writer, I have encountered many topics of concerns in our lives as humans. Some of them being positive urging us to greatness. Others, dragging us behind as we adopt new practices and aspects in our lives making us vulnerable. In fact, from my research any deviations that we adopt in our lives pushes our bodies to have both positive and negative elements.

It is up to us to find the balance of the right spot. In this thread of healthy living, I will introduce you to some of the brainstorming discussions about our lives as human and how we can live better and enriched lives.

So every week, you will be introduced to a new topic on how you can enhance your life or how you can turn your body into a power house. Part of this discussion will largely look at how evolution has been shaping us and how we probably may be altering it either for good or bad.

I look forward to hearing more from you on any topic we will have

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In todayís article we introduce you to Circadian Rhythm or what others refers to Circadian Reflex, Circadian Regulation, Circadian Clock.

Before you dismiss this article as your usually subscription, consider this, have you ever asked yourself why you always feel you are more energized and syked up or drowsy and lazy around almost the same time of the day.

Ever asked yourself why?

And if thatís the case, have youíre ever thought of how you could use that to your advantage? Thanks to your ignorance, you have circadian rhythm that comes through for you always.

So What Really is Circadian Rhythm?

In a few words, circadian rhythm is your internal clock which runs at the back of your head and it guides you towards cycles of sleepiness, alertness at various intervals. You can still call this rhythm your sleep and wake up cycle.

For those who are grown-ups, the biggest dip of your rhythm is usually at around 2.00 AM and 4.00 AM almost the same time thugs like to capitalize on us. In most case we are left to think they used some sleeping spell, but do they?

Have† a look at the clock and be the judge

[caption id="attachment_74424" align="aligncenter" width="858"]circadian rhythm in humans, circadian rhythm definition, circadian rhythm sleep, circadian rhythm examples, circadian rhythm chart, circadian rhythm disorder, circadian rhythm hormones, Circadian Rhythm is your internal clock which runs at the back of your head and it guides you towards cycles of sleepiness, alertness at various intervals. You can still call this rhythm your sleep and wake cycle.[/caption]

Still during the day, in the afternoons we are always feel sleepy, a pattern which could have been evolutionary learnt from our world with the classic example being the animals we domesticated.

If you been in the field looking after animals you will notice that during afternoon, animals tend to rest in the shade an aspect that we could have learnt to adopt causing our need to take naps in the afternoons.

so this got me curious what is likely to affect our rhythm.

Are There Elements in Our Lives That Disrupt Our Circadian Rhythm?

The hypothalamus which is the brain component tasked with control of most of bodily functions that happen when we are un aware happens to attend to the circadian rhythm needs. But as it does it is pushed by other factors beyond its control to respond in queue to your needs at a certain time.

Among the things that have been proven to affect your hypothalamus are light, and darkness because they both send signals to your brains telling you to feel like you are tired or energized depending on the environmental information you feed your head.

If you do not believe do your research on just how rearing of chicken is done to ensure they increase productivity of eggs. Usually companies may subject the chicken under darkness or low light under specific regulated hours to change the biological clock and make them hasten their process of producing eggs. Itís proven, and it works.

But One Might Ask If Thatís The Case Then How About Us Humans Can We Do the same and Increase Our Productivity?

Now our brains are a little more complicated and while you might protect your dreams as eggs, it is not necessarily true that you will increase productivity. Matter of fact, I found this to alter your productivity.

Think this through with me and tell me whether it makes sense, when things interrupt your sleep such as when you have a jet lag by moving into different time zones, or when you stay up late on TV doesnít that affect your day making you feel challenged to do chores you normally do with ease such as paying attention?

Just How Much Have We Messed Up With Our Circadian Rhythm Today?

Now in our daily lives, the TV and the Mobile phones have been the greatest innovations, and while we use them they have been the greatest source of competitive advantage in our companies, but are they the greatest source of strength in our lives. I think not. Here is how

Health Impacts of Playing Around with your Circadian Rhythm

If you are like me you may like the blue light, and have a bulb which you only use at night. You probably watch a movie series or like gazing on the phone.† What you should know is that doing all that tends to have detrimental impact to your health specifically your sleep which leads to what experts call the Circadian rhythm Disorders.

All these devices tend to have the blue light which scientifically tends to urge your body to produce melatonin the chemical which makes you feel its sleeping time.

Now do not think that all this is not known, the American Chemical Society even made a video to explain that further, elaborating that exposure to the blue light messes with your body making it challenging for you to sleep and introducing other health problems.

Here is the snippet of what they uncovered

Among the major problems are increased vulnerability to diseases owing to the increase in melatonin, making you moody a factor that causes depression and needless to say, damage to your eyes and other dis orders

Although in another article I will address this, I have to mention technology companies have for the past one decades thrived by tapping into our weaknesses and they have made us couch potato with all the tech devices.

In fact, companies such as the social media ones have even hired casino psychologist who evaluate human behavior to ensure you are always glued to your Phone by making it addictive.

Remember how I told you that your hypothalamus has been wired naturally to do stuff for you, when you use these devices, they play some trick on the hypothalamus making it give the wrong commands to your body, they may not be so much of problem now, but wait till you are a grand pa.

So what to do?

On what to do am sure most you are aware so I will be brief and remind you

Just have regular sleeping patterns- while I know itís inevitable to stay woke weird hours. I just have to advise you to find regular a pattern. When I told this to a mom she asked me what if my child cries.

So here is my answer I did a research and found that surprisingly women tend to have some natural guards when a new born, still, that is no excuse to getting your dosage of sleep.

Recently there has been development of wellness apps to allow people to address circadian misalignment training you to turn your phone off. Others simply control your device light if you have to use it turning it into the sunset mode and prevent the increased blue light.

Avoid being too addicted to these devices. As I have said, the tech companies want you on the phone so they can sell more, but what happens with addiction is that you will be naturally wired to this and this will affect you twofold, from the blue light and of course spending a lot of your time on phone.

Use the bed only for sleeping and being intimate not as a reading couch.

Try to avoid stress, fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

Avoid vigorous exercise at least four hours prior to bedtime (but do exercise earlier in the day).

Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine.

Avoid large meals and excessive fluids before bedtime.

Control your sleeping environment, making sure to keep it dark, quiet, within comfortable temperature.

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Circadian Rhythm The Clock That Drives You but You Always Messing With

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