The Ethics of Purchasing a Global Brand Length Article Review

The Ethics of Purchasing a Global Brand Length Article Review
The Ethics of Purchasing a Global Brand Length Article Review

What is the impact of our seemingly small consumer choices on the larger global community? To what extent does our power as American consumers affect people around the world positively and/or negatively? In this assignment, you will connect the readings, TED talks, and discussions we’ve had in class to your own research—with the goal of articulating some of the ways in which your choices a a consumer impact the world.

STEP 1: Choose a specific product from a specific brand that you would like to purchase. (For example, an iPhone 8, a pair of Converse shoes, H&M jeans, etc.) I have chosen Nike shoes. You can change it if you want to as long as the product/brand is unisex. This is the thesis I wrote, you can use it if you want; Nike has been constantly trying to improve the conditions of its overseas factories and its impact on environment because of their efforts to correct their previous mistakes I will continue to buy Nike shoes.

STEP 2: Conduct research about the manufacturing process and supply chain behind this product, and the business practices of the company who makes it. Find out as much as you can about where this product is manufactured, who makes it and under what conditions, etc. You will need to produce at least 3 sources (one of which can be the company itself) that give some information about the origins and manufacturing process of this product. Note: As we’ve discussed in class, this information can be very difficult to find. It will likely involve at least one email to the company requesting further information, and even then you are unlikely to get clear answers. The degree to which companies disclose this information is part of your research and should be discussed in your final paper! STEP

3: Write an essay that responds to the following prompt: Based on your background research on the product you’ve chosen, as well as the readings, TED Talks, and discussions we’ve had in class: will you buy this product? Why or why not? Your essay should have a clear thesis statement, should include the information you gathered about your product specifically, and should incorporate the arguments made by at least 3 of the articles and/or TED talks from class.

(3 sources other than the ted talk and the article) You do not have to use the Ted talk and the article. As always, you will need a works cited page for any of the sources that make it into the final, submitted essay. Ted Talk: Fast Fashion’s Effect on People, The Planet, & You | Patrick Woodyard

The article: In Defense of ?Sweatshops? By Benjamin Powell

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The Ethics of Purchasing a Global Brand Length Article Review

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