Final Assessment Research Project on a Real World Problem

Final Assessment – Research Project on a Real World Problem

Assignment Details

The Final Assessment Research Project requires the student to research a course examined topic based on a real world problem, identify the problem, and provide a proposed solution to the problem supported by the literature or textbook.  Support from the literature should include peer-reviewed articles only; this means articles found in the school’s web library, in Google Scholar, or direct links to professional journals.  A peer-reviewed article does not include Investopedia or similar websites; a peer-review article does include one that is included in a professional or scholarly journal, such as The Journal of Finance, etc.  Following are some suggestions to help you get started on and progress through the project.  Get started early to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the project’s requirements and have adequate time to identify a problem and complete a professional project! There are numerous avenues to identify a real-world problem.  You may find or hear of problems via the news, whether online, on the radio, or on the television; however, be certain this news source is reputable.  Some suggested news sources include the Wall Street Journal, Money, Business Week et al., that report news regarding financial issues that affect specific companies or industries.  Again, this problem must be related to something we covered in the course, such as costs of capital, project evaluation, etc.  In addition, you should incorporate multiple constructs we covered in class, however, do not randomly throw other constructs in the paper.  Two examples of project topics include:
  1. XYZ Corporation identifying they are in bankruptcy which is your  real world problem assignment topic might be what issues, as a financial analyst, can you identify that may have led them to this stage (i.e. poor inventory or cash management; improper investments (if so, what are they and why are they improper – project wasn’t realistic, or firm incurred too much debt, etc.) and what decisions may have misled management to invest in these projects.
  2. Another project idea is ABC company is expanding into another country – identify the issues with a firm expanding into a new territory. Identify all multiple constructs that may affect the firm’s operations in the new country.  Also, perform an analysis of the projected outcomes of the firm’s operations in the new territory as identified by the firm.
Whatever your identified topic is, remember to:
  1. Specifically identify the problem and how it relates to the constructs covered in this course.
  2. Provide an analysis of all identified information related to the topic; this section should include the multiple constructs examined throughout the course and how they tie together to form the identified problem.
  3. Provide a solution to the identified problem (other than what the firm chose to do, else it would not remain a problem) and support your solutions with peer-reviewed articles, as well as the textbook.
  4. Properly cite all references used in the text (please familiarize yourself with proper citations within the text) and a proper reference list (please familiarize yourself with proper formatting and requirements of a reference list).
  5. Include multiple constructs throughout the course, but do not randomly discuss different constructs. Rather, tie the constructs together to discussion the identified problem and solution.
  6. Properly format your paper, to include author identification, title of paper, appropriate heading levels, and reference list.
This assignment is similar to other materials that we have been working on such as Financial statement analysisMaking the Community a better place and other types of works  

Final Assessment Research Project on a Real World Problem

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