Synthesis Essay Pre-Writing Worksheet

Synthesis Essay Pre-Writing Worksheet
Synthesis Essay Pre-Writing Worksheet

One of our client who happens wanted us to assist them develop a specific guideline on developing a Synthesis essay for her class. It was an interesting piece especially since were required to engage with different ideas and text to provide a full worksheet review for her to use as guideline for her students.

1.) What are the 2-3 class texts you would like to write about for your Synthesis Essay?

2.) Name a few of the specific themes/discussions/reoccurring element from those texts that you are interested in writing about.

3.) In what ways could you link those ideas/themes/discussions together? Are some more alike than others? Are some different than others? Which texts go best together? Which go against one another?

4.) What is YOUR reading of those themes? What is your opinion? How are you adding to the conversation (as per what Joseph Harris in “Rewriting”?) By writing about these texts and topics, what are you bringing to the conversation? What is your stance on these themes?

5.) Do you think writing about these texts and themes is important to other conversations about other related topics? How so? How can you link your readings of these themes with other disciplines, subjects, news, science, popular culture?

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Synthesis Essay Pre-Writing Worksheet

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