Multiple Steps Involved In Criminal Profiling

Multiple Steps Involved In Criminal Profiling

Criminal  Profiling adopt a scientific approach that is unique, allowing the police to understand the activities that guide the motive of the criminal. In this research, the client wanted us to develop an outline that details past research with the academic essay assignment structure in mind to allow her to develop a nice article to use on her site. the ideas we had to consider were the crime scene, the level of violence, the risk that criminal took in the crime, and the motivating factor in the criminals motive. The first step is to gather all the information about the crime to better understand all the activities that took place in a crime scene. The police need to be thorough when collecting evidence to understand all the tiniest details they can gather as they will offer insight in how individuals behave while it will offer an idea of the respective questions that they would like to be addressed. The next step is to answer relevant questions with the evidence. These questions can range from basic to complex and they are useful as they encourage the law enforcement to have a wide view of crime rather than a specific view which may turn out to be different. Some examples of questions include: Patterns can start to form as these questions are answered. Using this information, an assessment of the crime is made. Investigators will attempt to determine details about the behavior of the criminal and the victim from the answers. The personality of the criminal is determined by answering questions about his behavior at four phases: Finally, a criminal profile is created using all the information. This profile will describe the most likely suspects that committed the crime. Some examples of information found in a criminal profile include: In answering the above questions, i borrowed ideas from the documentary i also considered past research and opinion from Multiple scholars from the Guardian who argued that indeed criminal profiling is important fbi criminal profiling, criminal profiling examples, types of criminal profiling, criminal profiling jobs, criminal profiling techniques, history of criminal profiling, This paper adopted Several approaches more of a Synopsis and Response Paper Structure

Multiple Steps Involved In Criminal Profiling

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